What Lies Beneath

whatlies bigA late night incident draws George Moody into the dilapidated shed behind the home he inherited from his grandfather, forcing him to confront long-buried family secrets and to relive two extraordinary summers of his early teens.  Seasoned with magical realism, What Lies Beneath is a coming-of-age novel for anyone who has ever been a kid.

In the summer of 1976, thirteen-year-old George Moody visits his scientist grandfather.  There he is introduced to precocious distant cousin, Liza, who is George’s age and also staying with Grandpa.  The other member of the household is Kizzy, the mystical housekeeper who charms animals, possesses healing powers and lives in the coal cellar.  George finds friendship and diversion with Sammy Sweeney, the neighborhood oddball.  Their numerous misadventures include dodging the local bullies, risking life and limb in Sammy’s tree house and snooping around Grandpa’s off-limits shed, which is at the center of strange occurrences.

A second summer at Grandpa’s will change George’s life permanently as he uncovers the nature of the household in which he has been passing his carefree vacations.  And not until decades later will he comprehend the full, bewildering truth.

Available in paperback and e-book.